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We kick off our latest edition of Financially Savvy with some simple day-to-day money tips for women.We take a look at why financial literacy is so crucial for our children. And our article on job hopping reminds us of the financial impact of switching jobs.

Our article on preparing for retirement provides useful tips around preparing for this big life change.

Finally, we hope our article on conquering stress and increasing productivity provides you with some inspiration.

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George Bogiatzis

Simple money steps for women

The same approach to managing day-to-day money can be applied to long-term investments. 

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Give your children a saving and investing edge - for life

Perhaps the best way to give your young children a lifetime saving and investing advantage is to ensure they are as financially literate as possible, as early as possible in their lives.

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Job hopping can impact your financial goals

On average we’ll change careers 7 times over the course of our lives, so how do you limit the impact to your financial goals when switching jobs?

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Getting ready for retirement

As you approach your fifties and sixties, you will probably start to think about retiring. For many women, this can herald a significant change in lifestyle.

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4 simple ways to conquer stress AND increase productivity

Our busy lifestyles often mean high levels of stress impacting productivity and health. Research shows practising mindfulness can reverse these effects for improved efficiency and well-being.

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