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Perfect time to reflect and plan ahead

2018 is in full swing and we hope that you have had a great start tp the year.

This time of year provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on where you've been...and where you're heading.

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We hope you enjoy our first newsletter for 2018!


George Bogiatzis

What is the retirement age in Australia?

With no definitive retirement age in Australia, the date you exit the workforce will probably come down to personal circumstances and whether you can afford it.

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Power of retiree super dollars

With the waves of baby boomers now nearing or entering retirement, it is hardly surprising that the ranks of retired super members is rapidly growing. Yet the extent of that growth may surprise you.

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2018: A balancing act

Fidelity's Investment Director, Tom Stevenson, shares his thoughts on investing in 2018.

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Beyond share prices

Investors shouldn't overlook that there are two components to sharemarket returns – dividend yield and capital gains (or losses).

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It’s official: multitasking sucks

Think you’re great at multitasking? So did these people, until studies revealed some unsettling data.

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